how it started

An immigrant Family, a journey filled with new experiences and cultural barriers, the admiration of a loving father, and a son's burning ambition to create something in honor of his father—this is the story of AdaneLegacy, a watch company designed to empower black men and women to take ownership of their Own Legacy

the vision


The idea behind building AdaneLegacy can be traced back to me sneaking into my father’s room and trying on his watches. Of course, it did not fit, but I loved the feeling and confidence it gave me. It was more than just the watch, it was a reminder of my father's love, empathy, confidence, and resilience.

I admired my father's curioistiy, yet, he was wise enough to know the limits of wit. He was an avid reader, and the Bible was his favorite text. He enjoyed traveling, yet, his favorite place in the world was with his family. A trailblazer, my father made superman obsolete. He was always first to rise, and now – the first to set.

"AdaneLegacy is a tribute to my father's legacy, a Legacy that will never be forgotten" -Dagem Adane




ADANE FAMILY moveS to america

Seattle, WA 1996