My father and the man of the hour – quite literally and figuratively – has been the sole inspiration behind the AdaneLegacy brand. It all began in the place of my birth, Ethiopia. It was a terrible time for the country during which there was massive instability. It was extremely difficult for the nation’s people. For my family, we were left facing increasing strife as war and famine threatened our well-being, our way of life, and our very existence altogether.

It was then that my father realized that he had to find the means to provide a better future for our family. And so, he made the decision to apply for asylum in the United States of America, and he brought us here to make sure we had greater opportunities with far brighter prospects.

It was challenging for us all in the beginning, but our father never once let us down. He consistently provided us with the means to further ourselves, and for that, we will forever be grateful.

My father was my hero, and he embodied every single quality that I strive for today. He was as humble as he was bold, with his favorite written work being the Bible. He loved his family fiercely and with an unwavering spirit that let us all know we mattered more than anything to him.

Sadly, his time came to an unfortunate end. It took me a very, very long time to accept that he was no longer physically present in my life, and it took even longer to move forward from his passing. It was here when I resolved to find the means to build on his legacy and uphold everything he stood for.

That is why, in 2019, I established AdaneLegacy. I wanted to create a premium brand for timepieces and accessories that were reminiscent of the classical lines and the sleek style that my father loved – and which I too learned to appreciate.

I could not be prouder of what we have created here at AdaneLegacy. With every new item that comes out of our workshop, I ask myself, “Would my father have bought and worn this?” I imagine him wearing AdaneLegacy’s signature luxury watches and jewelry pieces, and I believe he would have cherished each and every one of them.

This is what has continued to inspire AdaneLegacy’s designs. It has also been my personal vision to ensure that each of our items, much like the qualities that my father taught me, can be passed down through the generations. With this in mind, we have grown from being a spark of an idea to being a wholly black-owned entity that has been featured by the likes of GQ and Voyage ATL.

My father’s values and mission in life have been at the heart of the AdaneLegacy brand since day one, and have been adopted into our culture. These are values and principles that we will never deviate from, and it has also led to a fundamental part of how we operate. We’ve come a long way already, and we can’t wait to see what the future of AdaneLegacy has to hold.