Meet Our Founder

My name is Dagem Adane, I'm the founder of Adanelegacy. I built this brand to pay homage to my father, Adane, and more importantly, as a representation of the Afro Diaspora.  I was born in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.

Fun fact; I have five siblings. Four sisters and one brother, all of which hold a special place in my heart. So much that each timepiece is named after one of them.

The Legacy Hiwot is named after my eldest sister. Hiwot is my heart, she sacrificed everything to help raise my brother, sisters and I while putting her life on the back burner. Hiwot in Amharic (Ethiopia's national language) means life.

The Legacy Beza is named after the second eldest. Beza in Amharic means "A price that is paid for". Beza is caring, enthusiastic and always up for a challenge. She's a positive and strong woman. The cool grey leather band fits her calm and collected demeanor.

The legacy B.K, our customer favorite is named after the third eldest, Bruktawit. Bruktawit in Amharic means blessed, and that, she is. B.K is FUN! She's a sweet and gentle person. Shy at times, but hilarious when she's comfortable. She always puts others before herself and does it with a smile on her face. I love my BK.

Last but not least, the Legacy Meddy is named after the youngest of the four. Medhanit (Meddy) in Amharic means medicine. She's helped guide me through life and has been there for me during rough times. She's my personal dose of medicine for all my headaches.

You may be wondering about my brother. Well, his name will be used in our future upcoming product. I cannot speak enough about him. He's my guy. We've been through a lot together. From sharing a bunkbed to me being his best man in his wedding. Kalabe stepped in after the passing of my father and taught me how to be a man. He's smart, patient, handsome and an amazing father. He's my best friend and my confidant. 

My family and I moved to the States at the young age of four. Moving to America brought new opportunities and experiences to which I'm forever grateful. However, growing up as an Afro diaspora brought with it many hardships due to the cultural barriers. The lack of identity, community, and guidance resulted in me struggling in school. Well, that's actually an understatement, I was confused the majority of the time. I bring up identity or the lack thereof, because a lot of immigrants tend to lose themselves while trying to find it. I was never perfect, hell I even got caught up with the law during my adolescence. 
I say all this to say this; This is what our brand stands for. Your journey is what makes you who you are! The fact that I was able to overcome time after time, helps me understand the struggles of our community. I built this brand to represent those who are striving to become someone. Their current situation might not reflect that, but that's okay! 
Adanelegacy represents those who:

  • Are learners of life
  • Enjoy exploring the world
  • Contribute and give back to their community
  • Understand the importance of education and higher learning
  • Dress with a mission for success 

"You are exactly who you believe you are."
-Dagem Adane