As Diasporan Africans living in America, we represent a strong and determined contingent of what has built the world in which we currently live. We are constantly thinking of ways that we can change the misleading and damaging narrative that comes with the stigma people hold of Africa.

Africa is so much more than war, or poverty, or disease. Africa is rich. Africa is vibrant. Africa is beautiful. And Africa is us.

We at AdaneLegacy believe that each person must be willing and ready to pay it forward. If they know how to fish, they must not be the one who is responsible for feeding the entire village. They too must teach others to fish and how to do so successfully.

In our effort to make an ongoing and material impact, we have committed 10% of AdaneLegacy’s profits to building the first primary school in a rural region of Ethiopia. In doing so, we hope to honor the legacy and birthplace of our founder.