My father exemplified the personification of love, confidence and resilience. His poise preceded his tongue whenever he entered the room, quiet by nature, it was his presence which wrapped his loved ones with affirmations. As a child, I religiously watched the habits of the man whose shoes I aspired to fill. As a man, I find myself catching glimpses of him - in the reflection of the mirror when I shave in the direction he taught me, or in the nostalgic yearning in my relatives’ eyes when they say I look just like him. My father had an insatiable curiosity, yet, he was wise enough to know the limits of wit. He was an avid reader, and the Bible was his favorite text.  He enjoyed traveling, yet, his favorite place in the world was with his family. A trailblazer, my father made superman obsolete. He was always first to rise, and now – the first to set.

Even the brightest of stars eventually burn out. When my father passed, my world went dark. It took me 18 years to accept that some wounds are too deep to patch. That sometimes, you don’t move on – you just move forward. So, what do you do when your hero falls? You keep their essence alive by sharing them with the world.

As I embark on this journey of life, I’m realizing that absence, too, is a gift. Although my father is no longer here physically, his spirit fortified. I’ve created the ADANƎ brand to pay homage to my father, and I’m now able to share remnants of him in each one of my creations. The mission of ADANƎ is to instill honor and cultivate legacy globally. Through fashion and accessories, I seek to convey that simplicity is the pinnacle of elegance and love has no bounds.

Dagem Adane - Founder of ADANƎ